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Mistaway – Water Soluble & Petroleum Based Oil Mist Extraction

Air Pollution Control For All Wet Machining Operations


  • Available in short case for two stages of filtration and long case for three stages of filtration.
  • The MistAway mist filters provide air pollution control by collecting water soluble and petroleum base oil mist and smoke produced by wet machining operations.
  • Short case units contain a 1st stage washable wire mesh filter and a 2nd stage high efficiency fibre glass filter bag. A 3rd stage absolute filter is available for the long case unit this can achieve an efficiency up to 99.97%.


Despite the UK having left the EU those who have worked with the ATEX directive and the NFPA standards for combustible dust. Directors should evaluate and classify their working conditions to evaluate the risks. In addition all process and manufacturing equipment should meet the regulations concerning legal and technical standards.

Sangre dust extraction systems meet and exceed the requirements of these various directives when they have been designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by ourselves.

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A clean working environment helps promote high quality production.

A dust free environment is a great way to keep your premises clean and workers motivated.

Not having dust in the atmosphere improves health by stopping worker breathing in the particles of dust. Healthier lungs make for more productive workers who are more likely carry on working for your company.

Healthier workers are happier and are more likely to remain loyal employees, helping to reduce recruitment and training costs.


CNC Machining Centres using machining coolants produce a mist in the general atmosphere which is harmful to health when breathed in 2 stage or 3 stage Mistaway extraction with the point of extraction as close possible to the source of the mist cloud is a form of control.

Working with machines in a moisture filled atmosphere can affect health and cause slip problems and other general Health and safety issues – Using our Mistaway extraction systems you can create a necessary form of control and provide a better and healthier working environment

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Operational Details

Sangre Mistaway mist filters provide air pollution control by collecting water soluble and petroleum based oil mist and smoke produced machining operations.

The Sangre mist collector utilises a standard 2-stage filtration system the 1st stage being a metal washable pre-filter and the 2nd stage a high efficiency mist collection filter.An optional 3rd stage filter can be used to obtain a 99.97% efficiency this is useful where smoke is a byproduct of the machining operation.

Typical uses are on heavy duty CNC machining centres,surface and centre less grinding applications, fishing line production and cling film production where heavy mist concentrations are generated as a by product of the production processes.

Sangre Mistaway Capacity Range

  • Air volumes between 850 m3/hr and 10,200 m3/hr
  • Units from 5m² to 150m² filtration area.
  • Integral fan & motor.
  • Various filter media to suit your application.

Typical Applications

  • Heavy duty machining and production applications where heavy mist concentrations are produced as a by product

Gallery of Mistaway Installations

Technical Details