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Self-Induced Wet Dust Collectors

Self-Induced Wet dust Collectors - Sangre Environmental Services Ltd Manufactured from 2mm thick galvanized mild steel sheet complete with integral fan & motor and automatic water level controls to maintain the correct water level and efficient collection. A water level gauge is also provided.
Contaminated air is drawn through the inlet of the unit into a intense self induced spray zone. Air flow experiences a series of about turns so that dust particles are centrifuged at high velocity onto the baffles which are continuously irrigated by the water spray.

By these means, a very high percentage of the dust particles are trapped in the water which drains back into the collection tank. The dust eventually settles out and accumulates at the base of the tank as a sludge.

After negotiating the baffle system, the air passes though the spray eleminators which remove entrained water droplets before air is discharged from the unit via the fan.


  • Air volume between 1700 m3/hr and 10,000 m3/hr

Fire hazard & explosive metalic dusts.

Download : mistaway Fettling wet Collector price list.pdf - 692KB

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