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Deodoriser Units

Description and Operation
These units are designed for the specific application of gas & vapour absorbtion. On most aplications the airstream to be filtered will also contain fume or even just atmospheric dust particles. These have to be filtered prior to the airflow reaching the carbon filter.

The pre-filters to remove any particles from the airstream normally comprise of:
  • Fibre glass panel filters
  • High efficiency fibre glass filter bags
  • Absolute filters
All or even just one of the above may be involved.

The type of carbon used will depend on what is to be absobed. Vapour and gas is absorbed from the airflow into the surface of the carbon.

The carbon cell consits of carbon arranged in a multivee approx 25mm deep. This gives a low filtration speed allowing the gas or vapour to be absorbed into the structure of the carbon. The units have self contained fans.

  • Air volumes between 850 m3/hr and 10,200 m3/hr.

Glueing operations,
Degreasing operations,
Cleaning operations,
Testing operations.


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